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Legendary Clubs Located in Downtown Chicago


Explore the Downtown Chicago Area

Downtown Chicago has live events and entertainment that takes place all throughout the year. This is where the major business district is found. Downtown Chicago is also called “The Loop.” This is where visitors may enjoy viewing the beauty of the Chicago skyline. There are many huge skyscrapers that tower above the city streets. There are restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping centers and malls. Visitors who enjoy the nightlife will find many restaurants, live entertainment, bars, pubs, and more. There are quite a few hot spots found in this area.

Downtown Chicago Clubs


* Cactus- Restaurant, bar, happy hour, Mexican and American cuisine

House of Blues

* House of Blues- Live music, Jazz, Blues and Rock, American cuisine

* Club LAGO- Dance, music, bar.

Old Town Ale HOUSE

* Old Town Ale HSE


* Grange Hall Burger Bar

If you are traveling on vacation and want to explore the nightlife of Downtown Chicago, then you have come to the right place for excitement and entertainment with your guests.

The Chicago River-walk

The Chicago River-walk is located in the heart of downtown. This attracts visitors from all across the world. Food festivals, art galleries, bars, clubs, pubs, entertainment always take place here. This is something the whole family can enjoy.


Choose from all suites luxury hotels to budget friendly hotels in the heart of Chicago. Booking and reservations are accepted online or by phone. This city displays adventure during all seasons of the year. Chicago is also called “The Windy City.” There are quite a few hotels in this area that have bars, clubs and restaurants their guests may enjoy right on the premises.

Chicago Sport Tickets

Chicago is filled with popular sports and you can get tickets to sport events online too. A few sport teams you and your guests may be interested in watching live games are Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears, Chicago Wolves and more.


* North Coast Music Festival in Union Park

* Blue Man Group in Briar Street Theater

* Bible Bingo- Charity at the Royal George Theater

Legendary Clubs

Downtown Chicago displays a legendary Blues scene. You and your guests can enjoy visiting some of these legendary blues clubs throughout the day, evening or night. These legendary places remain a part of Chicago history.

* The Mid

* Metro

* The Hideout

* Reggie’s

* Double Door and more…………

Drink, dance, and relax with your guests in some of the most legendary bars and clubs in the downtown Chicago area. This is where the nightlife begins. Many of the bars, pubs and clubs, serve world cuisine, sandwiches, pizza and more. Enjoy listening to live music while you eat.

If you are planning a vacation to Chicago, then you will not want to miss out visiting the Downtown Chicago area. Your online travel agency can arrange tickets, events and more for you and your guests. Dining reservations may also be booked early. Chicago awaits your arrival.

Chicago is a city with a long history. There are many historical buildings and sites for travelers to explore. This city offers accommodations to national and international travelers. If you are visiting on business, then you can still have so much fun in the downtown area. Many hotels accommodate business travelers by having convention centers, large meeting and banquet rooms.

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Famous people of Chicago


Chicago as a home to some famous people

Some really famous and also really important people happened to have born in Chicago. These include actors, singers, politicians, and highly decorated generals. It is enough to make any ordinary people born in the Windy city proud of the famous people that were also born and bred in Chicago.

Most cities have managed to have had famous people born within their city limits, yet somehow Chicago seems to have had more than its fair share. May be there is something in the water, or perhaps it is just a coincidence that so many talented people have been born in and around Chicago. The following is only a really short list, there were plenty of celebrities to put on this list.

Here the names of some famous people born in Chicago

* Actor and comic Bill Murray, he has appeared in numerous comedy movies after first making his name by appearing on Saturday Night Live.

* For those that like their Big Macs and extra large fries there is Ray Kroc to thank for that. Kroc was the man responsible for turning MacDonalds from a modest national chain of hamburger bars into a truly global fast food franchise.


* Ted Kaczynski was a gangster actually born in Chicago, a city that attracted more than its fair share of gangsters like the infamous Al Capone from the 1920’s. Now Kaczynski was definitely not someone that you would have wanted to bump into.


* Walt Disney, the man that was responsible for starting one of the largest entertainment companies in the world was born in Chicago. He made himself a considerable fortune by making the films that children wanted to see, and always enjoyed.


* Harrison Ford, although Hans Solo may have been born in a galaxy far, far away Ford was not. Having been in the original Star Wars trilogy as well as the four Indiana Jones films it is no wonder he has had a highly successful film career.

* One of America’s most decorated and respected generals, Wesley Clark came from the city too. He made it all the way to Allied Supreme Commander yet failed to make it to the White House.

Hillery clinton

* Hilary Rodham Clinton, the former First Lady and Secretary of State was also born in the city. She only made it to the White House as First Lady, and time is running out if she wants to become the first woman President of the United States.

Just hold on a while, as there are many more

So if a former First Lady, one of the scariest gangsters, or one of the finest comic actors of his generation, and the man behind the Big Mac are not enough celebrities then there are more to chose from.

There have been a few renowned authors from the city including Sidney Sheldon, Joseph A Tunzi, Irvine Wallace, Gene Wolfe, and also internationally renowned history book William L Shirer.

There have thus been some really talented and hard working famous people from Chicago that have not only shaped their home city, they have helped to shape our world.

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5-Star Italian Restaurants in Chicago


Chicago, Illinois has made a name for itself in the culinary world, and the city is host to a number of the world’s most innovative chefs, historic restaurants, and downright delicious eats. When it comes to Italian cuisine, Chicago also has some top options. Here are some of the best 5-star restaurants in Chicago.



Spiaggia sets the standard for fine Italian dining and has become a longtime institution on Chicago’s food scene. Here, diners can enjoy James Beard Award winning chef Tony Mantuano’s authentic, upscale Italian dishes in a beautiful refined atmosphere. Spiaggia has a main dining room, cafe, and also hosts private events. The menu at Spiaggia features dishes such as tortello tomato pecorino, mushroom polenta with black truffle, and caviar burrata potatoes. Lovers of Italian wines will surely be impressed by the extensive wine list at Spiaggia.



Balena focuses on serving up seasonal Italian dishes, handmade pizza and pasta, and exquisite, carefully selected wines. The decor is minimal, but still comfortable and welcoming. Balena hosts private events and also has a family-style dinner menu. Some of the dishes served at Balena include gnocchi with mushrooms and brown butter, orecchiette pasta with kale and lemon crema, a variety of fresh bruschetta, rosso and bianco pizzas, and brown sugar brined quail. Those who love fresh food made from local ingredients, as well as dishes which take the best of Italian elements and turn it into something new and creative, will definitely enjoy Balena’s food.

three aces

Three Aces

If you’re looking for good food in a unique atmosphere, try Three Aces. This bar is a rock-n-roll themed gastropub that excels when to comes to Italian food, and their farm to table philosophy is what’s behind the freshness of the dishes coming from Three Aces’s kitchen. Here, you’ll find dishes such as baked olives, braised short ribs, tagliatelle and arugula pesto, along with an awesome American beer list.

Benny's Chop House

Benny’s Chop House

Benny’s Chop House is an upscale Italian steakhouse which boasts an impressive menu of food and wine. Benny’s has become known for its expertly aged steaks, pasta, and seafood dishes, as well as its high end atmosphere which is perfectly complimented by piano music. Some of the dishes served at Benny’s Chop House include burrata salad, tomahawk rib eye, veal chops, and lobster risotto.


Gaetano’s Restaurant

Gaetano’s Restaurant has a la carte and tasting menus filled with traditional and innovative Italian dishes. It’s an upscale location with a warm atmosphere. The food here really shines, and the menu features dishes such as calamari ripieni al porto rosa, carpaccio di barbabietole, and risotto ai frutti di mare, a luscious seafood risotto. Gaetano’s Restaurant also has an award winning wine selection for gusts to enjoy.

These are all very popular Italian eateries, so it’s best to plan well ahead and make a reservation if you’re going to the area and want to give these places a try. Chicago’s 5-star Italian restaurants are definitely worth it if you want to experience a world-class combination of atmosphere, service, and great dishes.